Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Para el Día de Hoy

So, Hurricane Alex has recently touched land, nearby my hometown ... and the rain we've been getting non-stop has been craaaazy. Classes and work have been suspended tomorrow, and probably on Friday.
Tomorrow's supposed to be worse, hopefully everyone has found a place to protect themselves from the rain.
If you're anywhere near Hurricane Alex's projected path, please take all possible precautions.

El Huracán Alex ya tocó tierra cerca de donde yo soy originalmente, y la lluvia que nos ha tocado a nosotros ha sido algo increíble! Se suspendieron las clases y los trabajos mañana y es probable que el Viernes también se suspendan.
Se supone que mañana va a estar peor que hoy. Ojalá y todos tengan un lugar en donde protegerse de la lluvia intensa.
Si están cerca de donde se supone que va a pegar Alex, por favor cuídense!

Raincoat/Impermeable: Forever 21
Shirtdress: Zara
Rainboots/Botas: Coach
Belt/Cinturón: Polo
Bag/Bolsa: Dooney & Bourke (thrifted $3USD)

Cry baby

So, I haven't always been a fan of Sex and the City, but after watching the first movie and the second movie, I started off watching the series.
There's just one thing I have to admit: I always cry when I watch the first one. SJP makes Carrie Bradshaw's pain seem so real, and I always fear that something of the sort will happen to me.

I haven't dated many guys, per se, but the ones that I dated (and left me--because I never am the one that leaves) have made me feel so ... hopeless.
I know this is a random entry, but I'm watching SATC right now, so I kind of had to get this feeling off my chest.

Hopefully, my boyfriend will always be the sweet, sexy guy he is and never turn into one more asshole for the list [of three].

So, ladies, here's to hoping love is real and never-ending, always true, never-changing, "ever thine, ever mine, ever ours" (Beethoven).

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Para el Día de Ayer

I am a home-loving person. I used to be a big party animal, but that was only for my first three and a half semesters of college.
Then I just realized that I wasn't really meant to get drunk and whore around every weekend. It got too tiring.
Anyways, last night I went to a party and I tried Tinja's mini tutorial for the smoky eye (even though I used much lighter colors, because of the outfit).
I think it looked alright, and several people asked me if someone else did if for me, so maybe I did get it kind of right (:
And I was feeling so positive about today's game that I wore almost everything by Mexican designers/companies.
Now we'll have to wait until Brasil 2014 for another shot at the World Cup.

A mí me encanta estar en mi casa. En mis primeros tres semestres de universidad, sí era súper party animal, pero eso de andar ligando y empedandome todos los fines me cansó demasiado.
Anyways, ayer fui a la fiesta de una amiga y usé el mini tutorial de Tinja (del blog "Yours Truly Forevermore, Brangwen") para el smoky eye (aunque yo usé colores mucho más pálidos, por el outfit).
Según yo me quedó más o menos, pero varias personas me preguntaron si alguien más me maquilló, así que supongo que sí me quedó algo bien jaja
Además, me sentía tan confiada con el juego de hoy que me puse casi pura ropa de diseñadores/compañías Mexicanas. Pero ni modo.
En Brazil 2014 tendremos otra oportunidad para [por fin] obtener la Copa Mundial.

Eye shadows/Sombras: Origins
Dress/Vestido: Vero Solis (Mexican designer)
Lace Bandeau Bra/Bra de Encaje: Forever 21
Sandals/Zapatos: Brantano (Mexican company)
Turqouise ring/Anillo turquesa: Random find at Dillard's
Purple Ring/Anillo morado: San Miguel de Allende market

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pour Aujord'hui (okay, yes, technically yesterday)

I started cleaning out my Shoe Closet already.
Unfortunately, I seem to have some sort of attachment to every single pair, especially the one I'm wearing here.
I used these shoes for the first (and up until today, the last) time way back in 2004, for my sophomore Homecoming Dance.
I rescued them from the donation basket by wearing them today and swearing to not ignore them again ... we'll see how that goes.

Ya empezé a limpiar mi clóset de zapatos.
Desafortunadamente, parece ser que tengo algún estilo de cariño con cada par, especialmente el que estoy usando en estas fotos.
La primera --y última vez-- que usé estos zapatos fue en el 2004, para mi baile de Homecoming cuando estaba en mi primer año de prepa.
Así que decidí que para "salvarlos" de la caja de donaciones, los usaría hoy y que no los volveré a ignorar ... ya veremos que pasa.

Top/Blusa: The Limited
Skirt/Falda: random
Shoes/Zapatos: J. Renée
Bag/Bolsa: thrifted ($3 USD)
Watch/Reloj: Betsey Johnson

Thursday, June 24, 2010

No Pain, No Gain ... ?

I've always been an ardent follower of the quotes
"No Pain, No Gain" and "Beauty Hurts".

Lately though, I've noticed that my feet are yelling "Please call Social Services, this girl abuses us!!!"
Due to this, I am going to clean out my closet ... my shoe closet, that is.
This is something that I have never done. Literally. The only shoes I've ever thrown out are the ones that I've outgrown or shred to pieces because of overwear.
I am a pack rat, I'll openly admit to that.

I will donate all the shoes that are half a size (or more) too big on me (unless they have straps around the ankle) and the shoes that I've never worn/only worn once.
If I have the original box --which is very likely-- I'll give them the box, too.

Have you ever had to do anything of the sort?
I feel like I'm going to suffer while picking out the shoes and even more when placing them in another person's hands.
But hey, at least it'll be like a Fashion Reachout Program, in which you make fashion available to everyone...
(Yes, I'm just trying to make myself feel better).

I'll post up pictures after I've decided which pairs to donate.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Stop Fake!

A couple of days ago, Christian Louboutin released a list of shoe sites that claimed to sell the real thing for cheaper prices, as he calls it, A Counterfeit Sellers List.
He says that the "list is not comprehensive", but there are more than 350 websites on this list.
This scares me, because if the list really isn't all that complete: just imagine how many more counterfeit websites there are out there! Yikes :s

It's a Big One

Pretty much the biggest giveaway ever.
Go check it out (:

Friday, June 18, 2010

Para el Día de Hoy

The Outfit
Shirt/Blusa: Target + D.I.Y.
Skirt/Falda: Forever 21
Wedges/Plataformas: Zara
Bag/Bolsa: Thrifted

Phew ... sorry for all the photos, I got a bit carried away this time. Not doing summer school or working or anything at all is taking a toll on me, apparently.
Have you all been following the FIFA World Cup? I hope so.
If you are, you will know that Mexico finally beat, for the first time, the last World Cup's sub-champion and multiple times World Cup champions: France.
Mexico 2 - 0 France
It was a relief to finally get some good news after all the violence we've been living through (elementary schools are actually practicing "shooting drills" ... you know, like "fire drills")

Wow, perdón por todas las fotos, pero obviamente me emocioné un poquito. Esto de no hacer verano y no estar trabajando y simplemente no estar haciendo nada de provecho ya está empezando a afectarme.

Han estado viendo el Mundial? Espero que sí!
Imagínense: por fin, después de --literal-- toda la historia del futból, México le ganó a Francia!! Y no fue cualquier cosa:
México 2 - 0 Francia .. ja!
Que bueno que por fin recibimos algunas buenas noticias, francamente yo ya me harté de escuchar puras cosas de narcos y matanzas y secuestros. Las primarias en Monterrey ya están empezando a practicar que es lo que se debe de hacer en caso de que una balacera estalle cerca de estas ... a que hemos llegado??

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Para el Día de Hoy (new format)

Shirt/Blusa: Wal-Mart (little boys' section)
Skirt/Falda: Kenneth cole
Shoes/Zapatos: Jessica Simpson
Bag/Bolsa: Prada (thrifted)
Watch/Reloj: Forever 21

Let me tell you one thing: I don't like doing my homework as much as I don't like others doing my homework. Following this train of thought, I dislike doing other people's homework ... I don't mind helping out, but doing it is just not fun.
So the boyfriend got some help but I refused to do his homework ... oh, well.
By the way, I received an email asking me to please translate my posts, so I am trying to translate all my previous posts and will try to translate my old posts.
Oh, and do you prefer text before or after the photos?

Les voy a decir algo: no me gusta hacer mi tarea y no me gusta que otros hagan mi tarea. Además, no me gusta hacer las tareas de otros. No me molesta ayudar, pero hacerla simplemente no me divierte.
Así que cuando mi novio me pidió que hiciera la mitad de su tarea le dije que no, pero que le ayudaría buscando referencias.
Por cierto, voy a empezar a traducir mis entradas del blog ya que recibí un email pidiéndome que lo hiciera. A la persona que me lo envió: poco a poco voy a traducir las entradas viejas, por si quieres regresar a leerlas después (:
Ah, y una pregunta más: que prefieren, el texto antes o después de las fotos?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A couple of  minutes ago I was trying to get some photos to do an update on the "Para el Día de Hoy" ... but, as soon as I got the first picture and looked outside, I saw a man standing there.
Needless to say, I was 100% creeped out.
He's one of the carpenters doing shit around the house (seriously, I thought the house was fucking finished when we moved in ... but no, turns out that mother dearest just wanted to be here instead of the fucking apartment ... I'm pissed off, obviously).
So, I only got one photo, no details, no nothing.
I fucking hate carpenters being around the house. I want them to finish up everything around here already!

The one picture, which didn't even come out all that good ... ugh! Maybe later I'll try to get some more photos...

Shirt: American Eagle (yes, I own one shirt from AE, sue me)
Jeans: Forever 21
Studded Heels: Betsey Johnson
Bag: Aldo
Leather and Snakeskin bracelet: got it at San Miguel de Allende
Flower Headpiece: D.I.Y. by a friend

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Moving is the synonym of Nightmare

Today I took ALL my shoes to the new house. Every.

And believe me when I tell you that it was no easy task.
Getting them into my car was so tedious. Going in and out of the apartment to get all the boxes in the trunk, the back seat, and the front seat was no fun.
This is what my car ended up looking like:

Then, once I arrived at the new house, I had to unload all the boxes...
and then: get them up the first flight of [25] stairs onto the first floor, and then up the second flight of [18] stairs onto the second floor.
I don't know when was the last time I sweat so much. Well, maybe I do, but in case younglings read this, it's best not to go into details ;)
This is what the first flight of stairs looked like:

Once we're actually settled into the new house, I'll try to make my first vlog and show ya'll my new closet :D


Hoy ya me llevé todos mis zapatos a la casa nueva y les juro que no fue una tarea fácil.
Meterlos a mi carro fue algo tedioso: entrar y salir del departamento con algunas cuantas cajas no sé cuantas veces ... ya se imaginarán. Mi carro estaba repleto de cajas de zapatos.
Al llegar a la casa nueva, tuve que subir un total de 43 escalones para poder llevar todos los zapatos a mi closet.
No sé cuando fue la última vez que sudé tanto!!

Pero una vez que ya todo esté bien en la casa nueva, voy a intentar hacer un vlog para enseñarles mi clóset nuevo :D

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Para el Día de Ayer

Yesterday I decided to go for a vintage-y look.
I went out with my mom to an expo of Mexican art, here where I live. The expo was called "Tlaque Parque" and it featured things mostly from the southern states of the country.
My mom bought a 2m. (6ft.) tall zebra for the new house. She wants to put it in the kitchen, that's gonna look great, I think (:
So yeah, I'll photograph it once it's already unpacked and in its proper place.
For the mean time, I'll leave you with my outfit.

Dress: Forever 21
Peep-toes: Luichiny
Flower Headband: D.I.Y. by a friend
Shell Bracelet: got it at an Antigua, Veracruz market
Bracelet worn as anklet: got it at a San Miguel de Allende market

Ayer decidí vestirme con un look medio vintage.
Fui a una expo aquí en Monterrey con mi mamá... era de arte Mexicano y se llamaba "Tlaque Parque". Era en su mayoría arte del sur del país (porque claro, no hay mucho arte Tamaulipeco, que digamos ... sin ofender a mi patria linda).
Mi mamá compró una escultura de una cebra que mide 2m. de alto, la va a poner en la cocina, según ella. Yo creo que se vería súper padre ahí, ya veremos que decide.
Una vez que lo haga, le tomaré fotos para que la puedan ver en todo su esplendor (:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blast from the Past

Way back when I was still a toddler, it would have been easier to think of me as a little boy than a little girl. I spent my days running around with the boys, riding bikes and racing in our scooters (the normal ones that you had to get your "speed" from your actual feet, not a motor).

So how I became interested in fashion and the joys it has to offer is still somewhat unknown to me.
I didn't actually wear a dress until 9th grade, when I got invited to Homecoming (by one of my swim team buddies). And even though I had two pairs of "heels", I never wore them. So I got a new pair to go with the dress.

After that I went back to tennis shoes and whatnot.
Then right before sophomore year of High School my mom literally made me participate in a Debutantes' Ball ... again after wearing that white wedding gown, I went back to my tennis shoes.

I would get my Homecoming dresses and Prom dresses and I liked buying heels, but I never wore any of them. I preferred my tennis shoes, jeans, and tshirts.

It wasn't until I spent a summer in France that I realized I was tired of literally being "one of the guys", and from then on my style has had constant changes and has been in a perpetual state of evolution.
However, I love the fact that even though I wasn't such a girl since I was small, I got to live and have so much fun ... the kind of fun you cannot have while wearing a dress and a hat.

5th grade, Lizzie McGuire phase

7th grade, tomboy phase
My first Homecoming dance

Debutante Ball (with my family, here) .. that was six summers ago. Damn, I feel old.