Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cry baby

So, I haven't always been a fan of Sex and the City, but after watching the first movie and the second movie, I started off watching the series.
There's just one thing I have to admit: I always cry when I watch the first one. SJP makes Carrie Bradshaw's pain seem so real, and I always fear that something of the sort will happen to me.

I haven't dated many guys, per se, but the ones that I dated (and left me--because I never am the one that leaves) have made me feel so ... hopeless.
I know this is a random entry, but I'm watching SATC right now, so I kind of had to get this feeling off my chest.

Hopefully, my boyfriend will always be the sweet, sexy guy he is and never turn into one more asshole for the list [of three].

So, ladies, here's to hoping love is real and never-ending, always true, never-changing, "ever thine, ever mine, ever ours" (Beethoven).


  1. I agree SJP is actually a great actress! The movie always gets to me too..

  2. 'here here '
    haha could not agree with you more :)

    Its so difficult these days to find a genuinely nice sweet interesting guy who wont break your heart one way or another .

    i love that series and although everyone said that satc2 was a travisty i still love it (granted not half as good as the first but still good )



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