Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blast from the Past

Way back when I was still a toddler, it would have been easier to think of me as a little boy than a little girl. I spent my days running around with the boys, riding bikes and racing in our scooters (the normal ones that you had to get your "speed" from your actual feet, not a motor).

So how I became interested in fashion and the joys it has to offer is still somewhat unknown to me.
I didn't actually wear a dress until 9th grade, when I got invited to Homecoming (by one of my swim team buddies). And even though I had two pairs of "heels", I never wore them. So I got a new pair to go with the dress.

After that I went back to tennis shoes and whatnot.
Then right before sophomore year of High School my mom literally made me participate in a Debutantes' Ball ... again after wearing that white wedding gown, I went back to my tennis shoes.

I would get my Homecoming dresses and Prom dresses and I liked buying heels, but I never wore any of them. I preferred my tennis shoes, jeans, and tshirts.

It wasn't until I spent a summer in France that I realized I was tired of literally being "one of the guys", and from then on my style has had constant changes and has been in a perpetual state of evolution.
However, I love the fact that even though I wasn't such a girl since I was small, I got to live and have so much fun ... the kind of fun you cannot have while wearing a dress and a hat.

5th grade, Lizzie McGuire phase

7th grade, tomboy phase
My first Homecoming dance

Debutante Ball (with my family, here) .. that was six summers ago. Damn, I feel old.

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