Friday, June 4, 2010

Pour Aujord'hui (okay, yes, technically yesterday)

So, of course I haven't started sorting my things to move into the new house.
I'm too lazy to do so! haha
Maybe I'll start this weekend, I haven't got much time left :P

Today was another lazy day for me ... I can't help it.
This is the first summer in about 5 years that I'm not doing some type of summer school or volunteer work (yes, volunteer work, not paid job).
And I think that doing nothing at all is kind of starting to take a toll on me, fashion-wise ... kind of.
I'll shower at 5:00pm and then get dressed hahaha

Tunic Shirt: Forever 21
Wide Legged Jeans: BCBG
Bright Yellow Bandeau Top: Forever 21
Rings: I got them in some random NYC thrift stores ... I miss NYC!


  1. I love the tshirt! :) Hope moving in goes ok!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. Love your jeans, I love that they are becoming a trend! =)

    Oh gosh, then I better do that tutorial :D

  3. so rad! love this outfit!

    x raez


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