Friday, April 22, 2011

Birthday Wishlist Items

It's my 22nd birthday tomorrow, so I'm going to leave ya'll my birthday wishlist.
While you read this, I'll probably be partying my ass off in Veracruz, or lying somewhere on a beach underneath a huge hat with a shitton of sunblock on my body to avoid getting red like in past years... Also, I may or may not be wearing a crown all day long... who knows? Not me, not you! Ha!
Anyways, you can either send me one (or various) of my propositions ... OR you can donate to the Let's Get Fernanda Her Shoes fund. Either one is greatly appreciated :)

These Alexander Wang babies are going for $262 USD. If that's not a great deal, I don't know what is!
The Constance Platform Ankle Boots are now priced at $350 USD... chop, chop and send me money!! God will pay you back in the form of beautiful shoes and rings :)
And last but not least... the Jimmy Choo Camila Braided Sandals for the cheap price of $488.25 USD! Help a poor college student have an amazing shoe selection, pretty please!

By the way, no excuses... these are all available in US 7 (my size), so I expect an e-mail sometime soon with a print screen of a purchase order and a question saying "where should I have these babies shipped to?"
Please and thank you :)
I will be forever grateful and I'll even draw you in a cutesy way, like I drew myself on my banner and the other banners to the right of this post. haha
Have a good weekend, everyone! Go enjoy it ... and if you can afford these shoes, buy them and show me how good you look wearing them!

Friday, April 15, 2011


God, I Love how her ankles look like they're about to snap! (I may be a sadist/masochist, btw).
Por Dios, amo como parece que sus tobillos estan a punto de romperse! (Por cierto, puede que sea una sado-masoquista).

I do not remember where I got this photo from, if you know where it's from, please let me know!
All I know is that was taken during this year's Paris Fashion Week (Haute Couture, maybe? I don't know!! gahhhhh)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Día del Tamaulipeco

Tamaulipas is the state I'm originally from. (In case you don't know, I'm from Mexico).
So ... I am the Coordinator of Sponsorships in the Students of Tamaulipas Association and we had our first, relatively big event last week. We celebrated the Day of the Tamaulipeco - it's not a real thing, just something that our school allows to do so that we can promote our association and unite the state's people.
"Hectic" doesn't even begin to describe that day ... but it was oh-so-worth-it.
Here a couple of photos from that day:

Spotted blouse: thrifted Anne Klein
Gray Pants: Banana Republic
Black Jeans: Forever 21
Navy Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Black Booties: Sam Edelman

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh My God

I have no words to explain how busy I have been.
I actually thought this semester was going to be a breeze ... kind of like a glitch in my future memory.
But then I decided I wanted to be part of the Committee of the Students of Tamaulipas (my home state) Association. And it all went downhill haha
Oh well, at least I've gotten some cute shoes these past weeks... So yay for that!

Finally, my very own pair of Zoe's!!!

I got these bad boys (er... girls?) at Zara. They were over 50% on sale and I couldn't help myself. I loved them since the first time I saw them, but thought were too expensive.

Oh, and a little cheer-you up for those of you who are in the cold areas ....
that's right, while you're freezing your little asses off, I'm sweating mine off.
That's 40 degrees CELSIUS... which roughly is 100 F.
So be happy you can still go out without wanting to peel your clothes off!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wishlist Item 6

Simply put: how am I supposed to not want these? By the way, my birthday's in April, you know ;)
Así de fácil: como se supone que no voy a querer estos zapatos? Por cierto, mi cumpleaños es en abril, eh ;)

Friday, February 11, 2011

RIP McQueen

We still miss you one year later.
Your creations will be missed, and even more during this time of the year.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Zoe Much Drama!

I love shoes... and when I say that, I mean I won't go out for several weekends so that I can save up money to buy a good new pair of shoes.
Well, I'd been a very good girl (money-saving wise) when I spotted the Zoe's back on so, I decided to do some more digging around and arrived at ... where not only could I order the Zoe's in my size, but I could also get a discount ($20 USD, but who cares ... it's dinner for one).
So I ordered them and I went around the house with a stupid grin on my face for some time ... until I noticed that there was a new email in my inbox. Oh noooo!! The order WAS CANCELLED! Perhaps because my mom's credit card (mine was unceremoniously taken away and cut in half by the parents) is Mexican. Yep, even websites are discriminative (jk!)
Obviously, I got up bright and early on Saturday (meaning: 11:00am) and called up and asked why, oh whyy, had my payment not been accepted. Turns out the problem was, in fact, that mommy's card isn't from the U.S. Talk about discriminative, no? That poor card has done nothing but nice things for the U.S. economy :( She suffered unjustly (but my dad gloated). In the end I had to call my grandfather and ask him for his credit card number ... so, after all the drama, I went into the page and they were out on size 7s! #WTF
It was only, literally, a couple of hours
So I just went back to and now, THE ZOE'S ARE ON THEIR WAY TO ME! At last!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Para el Jueves

So, yesterday I told ya'll about a terrible experience ( the one involving a man and a pair of (f)UGGs)... I'm sure you were as traumatized as I was.
However, I also mentioned that I FINALLY wore that sheer Anne Klein blouse that I bought way back in November. It had been collecting dust (literally, yuck), so I decided to take it out of that miserable place that is otherwise known as My Closet. Yay!
Bueno, pues ayer les conté una horrible experiencia que tuve (aquella que tenía algo que ver con un hombre y un par de botas UGGs)... estoy segura que ustedes se traumaron tanto como yo.
Sin embargo, tambi
én mencioné que POR FIN usé la blusa transparente de Anne Klein que compré este noviembre pasado. Ya estaba acumulando polvo (literalmente, igh), asi que decidi sacarla de ese miserable lugar que también se conoce como Mi Clóset. Yay!

Top: thrifted Anne Klein ($10 USD, wuuu)
Jeans: Forever 21
SweaterVest: Zara
Coat: Forever 21
Booties: MARKET
Socks: Nine West
Hat: thrifted David & Young
Rings: Dillard's finds

PS. I took a horrible fall all the way down to the floor (with the chair) trying to get close ups of the booties ... that's why those photos of the shoes are so shitty, I gave up after the fall.
PD. Me caí horrible y hasta al suelo (con todo y silla) cuando estaba intentando tomar unos close ups de los botines ... por eso es que las fotos de los zapatos están tan ojetes, me di por vencida después de la caída.

PPS. The boyfriend made me a twitter account ... I'm still getting the hang of it, though.
PPD. Mi novio me hizo una cuenta de twitter ... aunque todavía estoy intentando entenderla.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gonna Go Wash My Eyes With Bleach...

Today I saw something that made me want to rip my eyes out ... and then erase my memory so I could forget that image forever.
I'd seen photos online, but it was SO much worse to see it in person!!
Hoy vi algo que hizo que quisiera arrancarme los ojos ... y despues borrar mi memoria para poder olvidar esa imagen por el resto de mi vida.
Ya había visto fotos en internet, pero fue MUCHO peor verlo en persona!!

This was my reaction:
Esta fue mi reacción:

I saw .... a MAN wearing UGGs D:
UGGs, I tell you!!!!
Vi ... a un hombre con UGGs!
UGGs, les digo!!!!

Sadness, tears, desperation, and suicide thoughts flooded my head at that moment ... I wonder if he knows those boots are (a) ugly and (b) originally meant for women (even though not even women should wear them)... maybe he drives on the other side of the road, as Joey would've said. Who knows, who knows??

PS. I finally got to wear that thrifted sheer Anne Klein blouse I got back in November. Yay!
PD. Por fin usé la blusa usada, transparente de Anne Klein que compré en noviembre. Yay!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Para el Día de Hoy (Lazy Version)

Sometimes, this whole get-up-put-on-the-self-timer-pose-quickly-and-pray-that-you-get-at-least-one-good-shot ordeal becomes a bit too much, which is the main reason as to why I rarely update with personal outfits ... and today was going to be no different, but then I decided to get some photos with the webcam just because I didn't want to do anymore homework. Then I figured that I could upload those! (School makes me smart :) ) So, here's a couple of shitty photos of my outfit for the day .. woooo!

A veces, eso de parate-pon-el-timer-haz-una-pose-super-rapido-y-reza-que-salga-al-menos-una-foto-buena se me hace que es demasiado, y es la mera mera razon de porque es raro que haga updates con mis outfits ... y hoy no fue nada diferente, pero luego decidi mensear con la webcam  porque me canse de hacer tarea. Ya despues me di cuenta que podia subir esas fotos! (La escuela me hace una persona sumamente inteligente :) ) Asi que aqui les dejo algunas fotos super chafas de mi outfit del dia .. wuuuu!

(that's a scar on my finger, btw... the finger with the birthmark is on the other hand)

Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21
Blazer: BCBGeneration (thank you, grandma!!)
Wedges: Zara
Fedora: target
Socks: target
Watch: Toywatch
Rings: random markets

Saturday, January 29, 2011

If I Had The Money...

...I would forget all about the Christian Dior Junon dress I'd already written about, and I would buy an Elie Saab dress to wear on my wedding day.
I just love everything he present in every Paris Fashion Week.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Para el Día de Hoy

I know that during winter/summer break I always say that I miss school and that I cannot stand going through life doing nothing but eating junk food and watching TV ... well, today marks the beginning of the third week of classes and next week we start our first two weeks of exams.
How much longer is it until the Holy Week break?


Yo sé que durante las vacaciones de invierno/verano siempre digo que extraño la escuela y que no soporto andar por la vida haciendo nada más que comer comida chatarra y ver tele ... bueno, hoy marca el comienzo de la tercera semana de clases y la siguiente semana empezamos las primeras dos semanas de exámenes parciales.
Cuanto falta para que empiecen las vacaciones de Semana Santa?

Top: Banana Republic
Skirt/Falda: Forever 21
Wedges: Forever 21
Eagle Ring/Anillo de Aguila: present from the bf
Half Pill Ring/Anillo de Media Pildora: thrifted
Swirly Ring: local market
Snake Ring/Anillo de Vibora: Betsey Johnson

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Para el Día de Ayer

I had THE weirdest dream last night ... well, I usually have very weird dreams, but this one goes on the top 5, I think.
I dreamt that my lower left wisdom tooth was removed (even though all four have been removed already in real life). The lower left part of my face was, obviously, very swollen.
Still, I wanted to go outside with my boyfriend and walk around a park nearby the place I was staying (because I wasn't in the city where I live, or in my hometown).
So after some time of prancing around and whatnot, I see a hollow tree and I go inside it to "hide" from my boyfriend. However, I turn around and see a dead girl in there and of course, my scream gave me away to my boyfriend and I woke up...

I think I've been watching too much Bones.
PS. It's finally cold! Very, very cold!


Ayer tuve el sueño más extraño de mi vida ... o bueno, uno de los más raros.
Soñé que me sacaban la muela del juicio de la parte de abajo del lado izquierdo (aunque en la vida real, ya me quitaron todas las muelas del juicio). Obviamente, esa parte de mi cara estaba hinchadísima.
Como quiera, yo quería salir con mi novio para dar una vuelta por el parque que estaba cerca de donde me estaba quedando (porque no estábamos en la ciudad donde vivo ni en la ciudad de donde soy).
Así que, después de un tiempo de andar sonseando, veo un árbol hueco y decido "esconderme" de mi novio dentro de él. Sin embargo, volteo y veo una niña muerta y claro, mi grito hizo que mi novio supiera donde estaba y entonces me desperté...

Creo que he estado viendo demasiado el programa Bones.
PD. Ya hace frío! Mucho, mucho frío!

Shirt/Blusa: can't remember...
Skirt/Falda: thrifted
Jacket/Chamarra: thrifted Lord & Taylor
Shoes/Zapatos: Bass (ooooooold)
Scarf/Bufanda: Gap
Tights/Medias: random buy at NYC
Bag/Bolsa: thrifted