Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Moving is the synonym of Nightmare

Today I took ALL my shoes to the new house. Every.

And believe me when I tell you that it was no easy task.
Getting them into my car was so tedious. Going in and out of the apartment to get all the boxes in the trunk, the back seat, and the front seat was no fun.
This is what my car ended up looking like:

Then, once I arrived at the new house, I had to unload all the boxes...
and then: get them up the first flight of [25] stairs onto the first floor, and then up the second flight of [18] stairs onto the second floor.
I don't know when was the last time I sweat so much. Well, maybe I do, but in case younglings read this, it's best not to go into details ;)
This is what the first flight of stairs looked like:

Once we're actually settled into the new house, I'll try to make my first vlog and show ya'll my new closet :D


Hoy ya me llevé todos mis zapatos a la casa nueva y les juro que no fue una tarea fácil.
Meterlos a mi carro fue algo tedioso: entrar y salir del departamento con algunas cuantas cajas no sé cuantas veces ... ya se imaginarán. Mi carro estaba repleto de cajas de zapatos.
Al llegar a la casa nueva, tuve que subir un total de 43 escalones para poder llevar todos los zapatos a mi closet.
No sé cuando fue la última vez que sudé tanto!!

Pero una vez que ya todo esté bien en la casa nueva, voy a intentar hacer un vlog para enseñarles mi clóset nuevo :D


  1. wow that's some shoe collection! This makes me feel slightly less guilty about mine

  2. Oh I hate moving, packing the stuff and unloading...I've been thru the same but not with just shoes :D A positive thing in this is that you got a nice shoe collection!

    ps. thanks so much, loved what you wrote... <3 Made me feel so glad :) I would love to see the result of your smoky eye :)

  3. moving is the worse thing got an amazing collection of shoes :D

  4. That is some shoe collection. Wow. Yeah, I bet it was quite the task moving that and everything else.

    Thanks for your comment on my Blake Lively post. Yeah, she's playing in the movie based on the comic Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern.

  5. holy cow! that is a lot of shoes. good luck with the move.

    xx raez

  6. Love the title of the post. Your shoes are treated so well. I feel guilty about how I treat mine. I must improve.

  7. i despise packing! :p i always get a feeling that i've forgotten something and feel completely uneasy for a couple of days until i settle.

    {no, it's not about birds}

  8. great post!

    D E G A I N E

  9. I want this CAR! Yes! I WANT IT! (but I want it full of those boxes...) ;)

    Loved this post!


  10. Oh my goshhh.. look at all those shoes!! Moving is such a pain, isn't it?


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