Sunday, June 6, 2010

Para el Día de Ayer

Yesterday I decided to go for a vintage-y look.
I went out with my mom to an expo of Mexican art, here where I live. The expo was called "Tlaque Parque" and it featured things mostly from the southern states of the country.
My mom bought a 2m. (6ft.) tall zebra for the new house. She wants to put it in the kitchen, that's gonna look great, I think (:
So yeah, I'll photograph it once it's already unpacked and in its proper place.
For the mean time, I'll leave you with my outfit.

Dress: Forever 21
Peep-toes: Luichiny
Flower Headband: D.I.Y. by a friend
Shell Bracelet: got it at an Antigua, Veracruz market
Bracelet worn as anklet: got it at a San Miguel de Allende market

Ayer decidí vestirme con un look medio vintage.
Fui a una expo aquí en Monterrey con mi mamá... era de arte Mexicano y se llamaba "Tlaque Parque". Era en su mayoría arte del sur del país (porque claro, no hay mucho arte Tamaulipeco, que digamos ... sin ofender a mi patria linda).
Mi mamá compró una escultura de una cebra que mide 2m. de alto, la va a poner en la cocina, según ella. Yo creo que se vería súper padre ahí, ya veremos que decide.
Una vez que lo haga, le tomaré fotos para que la puedan ver en todo su esplendor (:


  1. You look like a pin up! I like it!


  2. Thank you <3 Love that flower in your hair, so pretty and the red heels are fabulous... I'm in love with red heels, I should get moooore....

  3. omg those shoes are so hot! really amazing.

  4. This outfit is gorgeous, the red heels look perfectly retro with the dress!

  5. Awesome shoes and love the anklet too.

  6. Love your headband and your shoes!!!
    Perfect outfit!!!!


  7. Wow your heels are so stunning, I love the shape and colour! Also your dress is lovely :) xo

  8. gorgeous! and those heels look pretty!

    {no, it's not about birds}

  9. Your shoes are soo cute!

  10. Great photos. You look fantastic. I really like that outfit.

  11. A zebra?! I take it, not as in a real zebra lol! You look beautiful my dear! And so sorry you missed the postage post, but don't worry I would love to do a swap with you :) I'm away from home at the moment so it could be a bit tricky, but as soon as I get home (around the 19th June) I'll send you a message and we can get the swap rolling :)

    Claire @ Jazzpad


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