Friday, April 16, 2010

Pour Aujord'hui (okay, yes, technically yesterday)

Shirt: little boys' section at Wal-Mart
Pants: Habitual
Jacket: Vero Solis
Shoes: Rampage
Ring: Monterrey, México market
I had to change out of those shoes because of the rain. So yeah, fun fun fun, all this rain ... not! :P
Damn, I'll be 21 in 7 days. This is so crazy! I feel like it was yesterday that I turned 20.
Plus, I still cannot believe the semester is almost over. I mean, I still feel like we're barely getting halfway there.
And in one month I'll be celebrating the first year with my boyfriend.
Where is time going to???
Time is an illusion... lunchtime doubly so --Douglas Adams


  1. i love the colors here! the jackets great :)

  2. I love your jacket!


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