Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Para el Día de Hoy

So, there is not really an outfit for today.
Truth be told, I wore random jeans, with my 6th grade P.E. shirt and a pair of oxfords....
There was no real imagination/creativity behind it; but I have an excuse: I had 4 projects due today (one more complicated than the other three--which were, in no way, at all easy).
Here are pictures of some of the projects I turned in:

Materials and Prototypes II class:

This is my tribute to the late Alexander McQueen.
I just hate it when people ask me if this was based on the "Lady Gaga" shoe ... ugh
Anyways, this was done with melted aluminum (which was placed into a type of cast or mold created with the styrofoam version of the above shoe I first made).
I couldn't make the actual heel because it would have broken off while getting the melted aluminum into the mold :(
But, oh well ... sh*t happens, no?
I sanded away and sanded away for about five hours in a row, and that was the end result.

This right here is a type of coat rack.
It is made from wood and stainless steel.

And, for my Inventor class:

The Guitar Hero battery set ...
We did this in a group of three people ... when we turned it in, the professor was kind enough to tell us that our team should have consisted of 5-6 people.
Oh well, I suppose he'll have mercy on us if there are some mistakes here and there.

Wow, even though I HATE the stress of getting things done, I LOVE it when they are completed.
I love being an Industrial Design student.
I wouldn't change it for the world!

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