Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Para el Día de Hoy

I am super excited because this summer we will be moving into a new house.
Right now, my parents, my brother and I live in a small apartment that was meant to be for my brother and myself only.
However, after things got real bad in my hometown, my parents came over here.
These photos were taken at the new house.
It's still not completely finished, but we're getting there.
Oh, and btw, I got tired of the dark green background ...

Shirt: got it at Target
Jeans: Seven7
Sandals: Sam Edelman
Bag: Vintage (flea market find!)


  1. I love the new colour background! :) Nice choice. I was considering getting my room redecorated and I think I'd like a colour like this, it's so fresh. How exciting about your new house too! :D You'll have to take loads of photos when you move in. Beautiful shoes lovey!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. like your shoes, i want some strappy sandals too ! i think the green is okay =)


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