Thursday, May 6, 2010

44 C

I don't about ya'll, but I feel like spring never really made it home.
At least not where I'm at.
We skipped spring, going from winter right into summer.

I'm wearing a random spaghetti straps blouse from Zara with Forever 21 jeans and Bershka wedges with the usual accesories: my Alessi watch, a flower ring and a flower headpiece.
And the only reason I'm wearing jeans is because I have to go to the workshop, or else I'd be wearing a skirt.

If I have time, I'll photograph today's outfit... if not, well, I'll just go around later and envy what the rest of you fashionable girls are wearing.
Unless you also have to make a table and an ice bucket and are dressed just like me (:

Good luck with finals to everyone who's in college!
And high school girls, enjoy it... high school was SO easy!!

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  1. Pretty girl how are you?
    I've been so busy, sorry I answer this late hard in the exams period:(
    Good luck, we all wait for vacation and summer time, yeiii.



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