Friday, April 22, 2011

Birthday Wishlist Items

It's my 22nd birthday tomorrow, so I'm going to leave ya'll my birthday wishlist.
While you read this, I'll probably be partying my ass off in Veracruz, or lying somewhere on a beach underneath a huge hat with a shitton of sunblock on my body to avoid getting red like in past years... Also, I may or may not be wearing a crown all day long... who knows? Not me, not you! Ha!
Anyways, you can either send me one (or various) of my propositions ... OR you can donate to the Let's Get Fernanda Her Shoes fund. Either one is greatly appreciated :)

These Alexander Wang babies are going for $262 USD. If that's not a great deal, I don't know what is!
The Constance Platform Ankle Boots are now priced at $350 USD... chop, chop and send me money!! God will pay you back in the form of beautiful shoes and rings :)
And last but not least... the Jimmy Choo Camila Braided Sandals for the cheap price of $488.25 USD! Help a poor college student have an amazing shoe selection, pretty please!

By the way, no excuses... these are all available in US 7 (my size), so I expect an e-mail sometime soon with a print screen of a purchase order and a question saying "where should I have these babies shipped to?"
Please and thank you :)
I will be forever grateful and I'll even draw you in a cutesy way, like I drew myself on my banner and the other banners to the right of this post. haha
Have a good weekend, everyone! Go enjoy it ... and if you can afford these shoes, buy them and show me how good you look wearing them!


  1. I need those Wangs!

    Love Grace.

  2. The Alexander Wang cuties are a-mazing!!
    Follow each other? :)


  3. I'll have those first boots!

    Love Grace.


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