Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gonna Go Wash My Eyes With Bleach...

Today I saw something that made me want to rip my eyes out ... and then erase my memory so I could forget that image forever.
I'd seen photos online, but it was SO much worse to see it in person!!
Hoy vi algo que hizo que quisiera arrancarme los ojos ... y despues borrar mi memoria para poder olvidar esa imagen por el resto de mi vida.
Ya había visto fotos en internet, pero fue MUCHO peor verlo en persona!!

This was my reaction:
Esta fue mi reacción:

I saw .... a MAN wearing UGGs D:
UGGs, I tell you!!!!
Vi ... a un hombre con UGGs!
UGGs, les digo!!!!

Sadness, tears, desperation, and suicide thoughts flooded my head at that moment ... I wonder if he knows those boots are (a) ugly and (b) originally meant for women (even though not even women should wear them)... maybe he drives on the other side of the road, as Joey would've said. Who knows, who knows??

PS. I finally got to wear that thrifted sheer Anne Klein blouse I got back in November. Yay!
PD. Por fin usé la blusa usada, transparente de Anne Klein que compré en noviembre. Yay!


  1. you are hilarious but so right! muggs.ew.

    pretty blouse!!


  2. Guapa!! jaja, lo haré, pero más adelante :D la intriga es buena jaja!! besotes!!

  3. Haha, although I do agree on this matter.... I have seen this aswel & I think I shared your initial thought. But thenn... If you think about it logically, they are quite manly looking shoes (in the way they are no way elegant/ chic) so probably, if they were going to be worn by anyone and made for a specific target market, it should have been guys in the first place... Then it could have been a shock if seen the other way round.
    Just a thought I had when my mind started wondering after I witnessed this too lol.
    Nice illustration aswel. I like! (:


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