Monday, October 25, 2010

Para el Día de Ayer

Alright, so just in case you were wondering: going bowling with a bandeau top underneath your blouse is NOT a good idea -.-'
But I still liked the outfit... so I can't really complain.


Bueno, por si tenian curiosidad: ir al boliche cuando traes un bandeau top abajo de tu blusa NO es una buena idea -.-'
Pero aún así me encantó el outfit... así que en realidad no me puedo quejar.

Blouse/Blusa: Mustang Exchange
Shorts: Billabong (DIYs)
Shoes/Zapatos: Carlo Rosetti
Bandeau: Forever 21
Elephant Ring/Anillo de Elefante: Vero Solis
Little People Fornicating ring/Anillo de Personitas Haciéndolo: local market
Hexagonal Ring/Anillo Hexagonal: Kenneth Cole


  1. Love that flower-print on your blouse, and those shoes are really nice! ;0)

    Hugs from
    A Shopaholic is loose

    "Drop by anytime..." ;-)

  2. Gorgeous shoes!

  3. amazing pictures! xxx

  4. That's the way to rock it n a bowling Alley, girl! :) Love the third pic!7

    And I'm glad you think I-Pods are overrated!

    Hug from Argentina!


  5. Ohh lovely I really like your new layout! I almost didn't recognise you! :) These outfit snaps are so dramatic - you're a real inspiration when it comes to pushing the boundaries of posing! jazzy ♥

  6. Wild wild photos, but I know deep down you're a good girl, nice bad girl attitude though, hehe:)



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