Saturday, October 2, 2010

Para el Día de Ayer

So, smart me, safe me, took a long and hard fall during rock climbing class.
My right ankle hurts so bad ... it's unbelievable. However, I'm hoping that it is just a temporary pain.
As in, I'll be fine by the next rock climbing class (which is on Monday).
For the mean time, I'll be wearing flats, though. I guess I just want to try out this whole "cautious" way of living haha

Bueno, siendo la persona tan inteligente y segura que soy, me aventé una caída horrible en clase de escalada.
Mi tobillo derecho me duele horrores ... es irreal. Pero eso sí, espero que el dolor sea algo temporal.
Y temporal en el sentido de que espero que esté bien para la próxima clase (o sea, el Lunes).
Mientras tanto, andaré por la vida en flats. Supongo que es hora de que intente ser una persona que vive "con cuidado" jaja

Tank: Express
Skirt/Falda: thrifted
Flats: Anne Klein (from 2003)
Bag: Target


  1. gracias por los ánimos

    bonitos zapatos

  2. wow the skirt is so cute, i hope your ankle gets better!!!!

  3. Ouch! Hope your ankle is not as sore anymore.
    Love those loafers. Looks great with the dress!

  4. Sorry about your ankle :( But hey you look fab!

    Love Grace.

  5. Ouch! I hope you are better. But you still look so wonderful on your photos! Congrats on the feature for your NON mag! Too bad I don't understand any Spanish ; ) hehe.

    Also, I"m entering this EBAY contest where the most votes get to land in the top 25 finalists! It's where I feature my street style outfit, so I'm hoping to get your vote! You can vote up to 5 times per day! ; )

    I appreciate all your support, and if you don't like it (no pressure) you don't need to vote. But there are good stuff in it for you can enter their daily prizes for voters! Voters get something out of this, too!
    here is the link to my look:


  6. Looooove it:))))))


  7. me gusta tu blog!!!ya tienes una seguidora mas, besazos

  8. i was passing by your blog
    and i absolutely love this;)
    i follow you
    it will be great if u follow me too


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