Monday, November 29, 2010

The Eagle and the Virus

So, as you may have read in that little box to the right of this post, I am an Industrial Design major in college. This means that a lot of my projects require using some type of CAD program ... this in turn means I need a USB to always have that information with me ... this means that all the other Industrial Design and Architecture students have USB ... that's over 500 people for maybe 100 computers.
There was a virus recently, and my USB didn't make it out alive, so I avoided using it. However, a friend promised his USB had no virus and he put it in my laptop ... as you can guess, my laptop now has a virus thanks to his USB.
This virus also messed up my camera's memory card and I have to wait until after Friday to get it fixed, all because of final exams. This deserves a Fuck My Life award.
On other news, the boyfriend is back and he brought me a beautiful ring from Cupertino, California.
Oh, and today it's 18 months of us being together!

Pues, como tal vez han leido en la cajita que se encuentra a la derecha de este post, yo estudio Diseño Industrial. Esto significa que para hacer muchos de mis proyectos necesito usar algun programa CAD; eso significa que necesito tener un USB conmigo para poder guardar mi informacion; esto significa que todos los demas estudiantes de Diseño Industrial y de Arquitectura tambien utilizan USBs. Somos mas de 500 personas utilizando unas 100 computadoras.
Hace poco hubo un virus en las computadoras de la escuela y mi USB murió. Sin embargo, un amigo me prometió que su USB estaba "sano" y lo puso en mi laptop. Claro que no lo estaba. 
Ahora mi laptop tiene un virus que ya hasta se pasó al memory card de mi camara. Lo peor es que no puedo hacerle algo hasta el Viernes, porque estamos en examenes finales y necesito mi laptop.
Esto se merece un premio de Fuck My Life..
Pero en una nota mas feliz, mi novio me trajo un anillo divino de Cupertino, California.
Ah, y hoy cumplimos 18 meses juntos!


  1. To bad the virus thing...that´s really fucked up!!...the ring your boyfriend gave you is gorgeous...18 months WOW...congrats!

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  3. I'm so sorry for all this USB stuff.. Try to enjoy this special day with your boyfriend!! the ring is killer :)


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